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    I have, for the first time this year, just tried to amend a page on my site but when I tried to publish I was unable to as the message I got told me my password/userid was incorrect. I raised a support ticket, but the reply I got highlights that I have a different problem!! It appears that the Server I used to publish to has changed its IP address, but the IP address that I have been supplied with does not appear in my IP Server drop down box........ I'm running BlueVoda 8.0, has there been an upgrade recently that I missed? I am having loads of email problems, so if I was notified of an upgrade the email never reached me. My server (I think) was Voda 2. I have replied to the support email for further help (I can't login in to the Support Center either - again tells me my password is wrong!!), but if anyone has a solution please let me know.

    Dave (

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    Please click the below, we sent you two email notifications....Please make sure your spam filter is not diverting your email.


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    He, re-download BV, the new IP’s will then show in the drop down list.
    You won’t loose anything doing this.
    Good l

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    Thanks folks - that solved it!! My SPAM filter is disabled at my ISP end and is set to place SPAM in a Junk folder in Outlook which allows to make sure that nothing gets missed. Sadly my ISP (I believe) has some issues and many emails have gone missing, especially since they upgraded on 1st Feb 2007!! Anyone else using the ISP Cyta (Cyprus Telecoms) may well have the same problem!!

    Thanks again for the help, upgrade now published to my site (


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