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    Default Real Estate website

    I just received a request to do a real estate website with a database.
    What's the best way to go about this?

    Also, they want an easy way to log into the backend to update the listings.

    Any suggestions?

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    If your client doesn't have particular requirements about the visual part (templates) then you can use various scripts that already exist on the net. Prices are usually from $60 upwards, for the cheapest ones, and may go up to $300.

    Even Fantastico has a Real Estate script: Open Realty. Good one, i have tried it.

    If however, your client needs customized templates, then you will need to create the script from scratch. It involves lots of things, depending on your client requirements:

    1. Property listing script (with list, view, search etc. features.
    2. Members (clients) script: usually clients pay to list a property. So you need such a part, where clients can register before they can list a property, go to PayPAl, after payment the account is activated, and they can post listings. Of course a full loggin script is required here.
    3. Administrator area: where the admin can manage everything.

    The three parts are cooperating.

    This is not an easy script, and from what i understand, you don't have experience of such programming / coding. If you are interested, contact me.
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    Default Re: Real Estate website

    qwmrhai, Naval is really good at what he does. I say this from personal experience. He's like a wiz when it comes to scripting hocus pocus and is very helpful. Frankly speaking, scripting gives me migraines.

    So, if all else fails, definitely contact me him.

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    Default Re: Real Estate website

    If you would like to see a simple demo of how a database and backend system works, you could also visit Database Management Systems

    have fun

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    Default Re: Real Estate website

    wow you guys are pretty high up in the ranking

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