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Thread: Ive heard of Stewards - but

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    Red face Ive heard of Stewards - but

    Maudie is flying on a jumbo-jet to Europe. Once in the air the
    loudspeaker comes on:

    "This is your captain Emilia Rodrigues. We are cruising at 35,000
    feet...etc. etc." When the announcement is finished Maudie
    beckons to a stewardess and asks, "Is it really true that this
    great big airplane is being flown by a woman?"

    "Yes, says the stewardess, Captain Rodrigues is a woman."

    "How wonderful!" Maudie replied. "I am so excited! Do you
    think you can arrange for me to go up to the cockpit to
    congratulate her?"

    "Yes, I think I can arrange that. You might also like to know
    that the co-pilot is also a woman."

    "Oh, how exciting. This is wonderful news! Please let me go
    to the cockpit so I can congratulate them both!"

    "OK, you can do that. You might like to know that actually the
    entire crew of this plane are women."

    "That is the most exciting thing I have heard in a long time ...
    this has really made my day ... I just have to go to the cockpit
    to express my admiration!"

    "One more thing you might like to know ...
    We don't call it the cockpit any more....."

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    Wink Re: Ive heard of Stewards - but

    lol Kate..........

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    Default Re: Ive heard of Stewards - but

    HHmmmmmm.....I wonder what will they call it now......hee hee hee

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