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Thread: new blue voda software

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    Default new blue voda software

    Hi there,

    I have recently downloaded the new version of bluevoda website builder. Im having problems with some of the features though.

    The logo maker to begin with will not allow me to use the font, andy.

    The second problem is the navigation buttons. Any buttons that are white appear transparent when used but then appear pink in the preview!

    Anybody else having problems like this? Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: new blue voda software

    Yep, i was getting the sam, Pluss these. But i stoped there.

    @Arial Unicode MS
    Accord Heavy SF
    Alaska Extrabold
    Balloonist & sf

    Buttons i had no problem with.

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    Default Re: new blue voda software

    1) This is not a bug in the software. The button images (whihc are installed by the BlueVoda installer) have the transparency pixel set to white. Which will make them transparent.
    If you want to fix this open the button image in an image editor and set the transparency to 'none'

    2) The Banner maker only supports true type fonts.
    Tip: Only use web safe fonts which are available on all computers.
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    Default Re: new blue voda software

    Thanks for the reply guys, will try this out!

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