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    I am getting a new pc and need to know if I can copy the files on Blue Voda from by existing pc and then download them onto the new one, and not loose anything? Or do I need to re download the program on my new pc?

    How do I get my user name and password, as I have always used the auto sign in and do not remember what it is? Of course the user name shows but can not remember the password.

    Any information to help me in this transformation to the new pc soule be greatly appreciated as I am a semi newbie to all of this.


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    1) You must do a fresh installation of BV on your new PC. Click on the
    below link to download BV to your new PC.

    2) After you install BV on your new PC Copy the BV folder that is in your "My Documents"
    from your old PC and replace the BV folder on your new PC with the old folder.
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    I have done as you instructed and now have additional problems.

    1. Errors show on my web page and I need to fix them. I have gone into the builder and corrected them but can not publish them, as I need a user name and password. Needless to say I have forgotten them. How do I get them reissued to me?

    2. Can't access the cpanel for the same reason above.

    3. Tried to submitt a support ticket and that also requires user name and password for both blue voda and the cpanel. HELP

    So as you can see I am in a real fix now. How do I get my passwords and user names reissued to me if I can not submit a support ticket???????? HELP

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