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Thread: Using own pages from BV in oscommerce

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    Question Using own pages from BV in oscommerce

    Hi All,

    Im fairly new to this business and need some help.

    My domain name is but i have not published anything as yet as im still in the creating stages.

    I have created a few pages in BV and am happy with the design. I would like to use Paypal as my shopping cart but they do not calculate shipping by weight - i NEED to calculate shipping by weight !

    I have looked at oscommerce and found that i can calculate my shipping using the 'by weight' option, but i dont really want to abandon the work i have done so far and have to use an oscommerce template.

    Can i use oscommerce as my shopping cart but still keep my own page designs ? Or will i have to use their custom layouts ?

    I hope someone can help me. Many thanks for any response in advance !


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    Default Re: Using own pages from BV in oscommerce


    I think for shopping cart needs, better use Soho which is also free from Vodahost. However, it should work online.
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    Default Re: Using own pages from BV in oscommerce

    You can't use bluevoda to create a template/layout for oscommerce or any other script for that matter. BlueVoda is used to create static pages (or dynamic with a lot of effort).

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    Default Re: Using own pages from BV in oscommerce

    I pretty much had the same question and have been trying to apply my BV designs to Soholaunch, with no luck at all. I finally got frustrated with that and downloaded a template off of Soho AddOns, and it STILL doesn't show up in my selection. Is there any way around those few templates in Soholaunch?

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    Default Re: Using own pages from BV in oscommerce

    Well Laurie,

    you are asking about soholaunch in Oscommerce. Theres lots of ways to do soho templates and edit and configure them. Try looking in the soho thread itself or on the soho forum, and the MANUAL also tells you how to UPLOAD a template to soho.



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