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    I have installed my escrow pro scripts, it appeared to work ok but when I tested for a new registered user it come back to the registration page blank without no feild data entered in the MySQL db tables also displaying no errors as well, I have installed this a couple of times with the same result & with no success, any one knows what's going on, Now this worked on my old Linux hosting provider with mysql3 and still does, I also installed it on a windows server with MySQL4 and works fine. It seems it does not want to enter any data to the db at all, it just jumps back to the original reg page I was on. Can anyone shed some light on this problem as to why it is behaving like this.

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    We are running mySQL version 4.0.25 , I am not familiar with this script.


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    No worries I have sorted it it was a .htaccess issue

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