When I first discovered Blue Voda, I was surprised and a little amazed that I could actually develop my OWN web site, without the help of a pay-by-the-hour website development company. I'd always pictured having a website as something big established companies did because they have an actual "marketing budget." In fact, I had about a dozen marketing projects on my to-do list that came BEFORE getting a website, but when I came across BlueVoda (I think I just Googled "web development"), suddenly getting a website became task #1.

I'd already spent a lot of time writing a sales letter, so getting it on the web was the next step. Learning BlueVoda and getting my content on the web took with Vodahost web hosting about one weekend. It was amazing. I went from thinking websites were "for the big guys" to actually having my OWN website in less than a week! Wow!

But even at that point I hadn't realized the true value of BlueVoda. I must admit I'm a marketing information "addict." I devour anything I can on marketing. Whether it's Dan Kennedy, John Caples, Jay Abraham, Joe Sugarman, the list goes on. Every time I come across a new concept, I think of ideas that could help my website. The BEAUTY of BlueVoda is that I don't have to wait to implement new ideas! I don't have to call a "web developer" and have them add my new content "on the clock." I don't have to go through the thousand iterations of "ok, it looks fine, but I want that font a little bigger..." ka-ching, ka-ching. Plenty of times I've thought of a whole new page to add while driving to work and had it implemented by noon!

I constantly tinker with my site, improving it and adding content. I actually change, update, and revise it a lot more than I ever thought I would, but BlueVoda makes it easy. BlueVoda allows me to implement as fast as I can think it. I recommend BlueVoda to ANY small business person wanting to establish a web presence. It's about a million times easier and cheaper than I could have imagined.

Thanks, BlueVoda!

Jon in Phoenix