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    I have 2 different sites,, and I dont have a problem with the pages on the MusicGrams site, but I do have a problem with the Pinehurst pages.I have two folders, Public MusicGrams and Public Pinehurst Productions. The main page of Pinehurts is fine, but when I want to go to other pages it does not work. In the menu bar I have Thats does not work and I cant understand why? I make sure I publish under the different IP address, but it just does not work. I had no problem going from page to page on mu other site and I did all the same things on the Pinehurst site. Any ideas?????????????????/plz!!!!!!


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    Your 'Pinehurst' index page has a capital letter for 'Productions'
    but the link you are showing has a small p in productions.

    I tried it with the correct capital 'P' with the video.html and
    still couldn't get it. I would re-publish the 'video' page.
    make sure it goes into the correct place and do not add .html
    on it, that's done automatically. If you publish with .html
    on the end, you'll have a file video.html.html on there.

    You could use the control panel login and check to see if 'video.html'
    is showing up in the file list. More than likely, it is in the wrong place
    or the small p is giving you a problem.

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    i changed the "p" to all be the same. I republished the pages abd did it with out the .html, checked the c panel abd the file is in there. This is really got me. Any other ideas?

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    You have saved/published the video page with V instead of v: look at . Edit the links, or save the page as "video" and republish
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