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Thread: Trading platform

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    Red face Trading platform

    Hi guys
    Does anyone know of a simple "plug-in" software that could enable trading on a site - similar to

    I want to incorporate this into my site but have no idea how as i have never seen a shopping cart or other software like it?

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    Wink Re: Trading platform

    With every VodaHost account you have the ability to load many featurted web foundations, add-on technologies, and "scripts" to design a site similar to what you mentioned:

    ~ Noah's Classifieds would be the perfect foundation for you to use to do exactly what you want, but there seems to be an ongoing problem getting it to load for us, so unless you can get it directly from Noah's, that would not be the best solution to suggest.

    ~ Frankly, I am rather keen on using Joomla (a CMS foundation) which loads easily from Fantastico! and is built with the ability to literally "plug in" the features you want, making it more likely the easier to configure and the more robust web platform for you to explore.......with literally thousands of plug-in options and a lively Support Community, this will probably be your best best to easily accomplish your desires. You can check out the World of Joomla first (to become familiar with every aspect, and to better plan your efforts), then load back here at VH via Fantastico! in your Control Panel.
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