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Thread: Linking Index Page To Second Page

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    Default Linking Index Page To Second Page

    1. I have read all the tutorials, both bluevoda and community forum.
    2. I have tried to link the two pages together using all the info I found on the forum.
    3. None has worked for me.
    4. Index page is
    5. If you look at the index page you will see that I have put a button with no number on it which I want to use to link to Brad's second page.
    6. Brad's second page is named: Brad, the force is strong.
    7. I have published the second page, can't find it even when I enter what I named it.
    8. What am I doing wrong?
    Thanks, Linda

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    Default Re: Linking Index Page To Second Page

    Hi Brada.... What I see is this address...
    the page you wish to show... should be saved ...Brad..then published..
    the address on the button should then be
    Best of luck... Best of luck to him... hope that helps...Doug

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    Default Re: Linking Index Page To Second Page

    1.) Finish populating Brad's second page and then name it something relevant that can be searched on from a search engine. You can get hits from that when if you name it "Brad's Second Page" you may not.

    2.) Double-click the button and highlight the link. Copy the text. Next, up top on the icon tray you will see an icon of the world with a chain below it. Click that and under URL, click it and right arrow over to the right and paste the text (link) you previously copied. Last, choose your target page, blank, self etc.,.

    3.) As to not finding your files, try cPanel under file management. Do you see your files there? The cPanel instructions came with your "Welcome Packet." Alternatively, you can search your computer for files and make sure they are not getting placed elsewhere.
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    Default Re: Linking Index Page To Second Page


    I would (like Kool said) rename your second page.
    I don't think 'spaces' and 'punctuation like , ' will
    work in the page name. Something simple and
    remember upper case and lower case matters.
    It is always recommended to use lower case letters
    with no spaces. When you link to a page from a
    button, you must use the entire 'hyperlink' such
    And always use the 'html' on the link but do not
    use it when saving the page in BV. In the above
    the page is saved as 'page2'.

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