Hi all,

Wonder if anyone can help me with this........

When I try to test order in the shopping cart the id is always the same???
Does anyone know why this is happening ? These are the things I have done so far, maybe I have done something wrong here................

1) I created a new folder under the public_html folder called ebooks and uploaded my .zip files into this folder. When I type in the url in the browser to this folder with the .zip extension I do get up the download box asking if I want to open the file or download it to my desktop. So think I did this step correctly.

2) I added all the categorys and added the products in the shopping cart in soho.

3) I set up the payment option as paypal and also added the paypal address as I should.

4) I made the products page and added a few of the items on that page. If I click browse by categories ALL the items I uploaded are there.

But now I have bought an Affiliate program (Affiliate Pro v2.2) and asked the company that sell this to install and intergrate the software.

Got an email back from them today saying that they tried to test order and
got the same id back on all.

Can enyone here please tell me why this is happening ? Where did I go wrong? Or maybe I have missed doing a step in this prosess? Any feedback would be great.

My url is: www.4yourinternetbusiness.com

Best Regards