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Thread: double pages???

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    Default double pages???

    ... hi,
    wondering what to do with "old" page... I had published page about 2 weeks ago and now I am updating... they both are valid and working ... on my page if I click on Mediumship - page shows up with link adress and if I click one more time on "mediumship" updated page shows up with address
    so the "old" one is missing www infront of name, but I don't need "old" one anymore - how do I delete it?!

    thank you!

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    Default Re: double pages???

    Just go to your index page in BV. select 'mediumship' button
    right click and properties. under 'url' change to:

    instead of http://stardustthealing...............................

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    Default Re: double pages???

    I have clicked your mediumship and looks okay to me. Don't know if it means anything, but your spelling in post differ "medium" vs "mesium".

    If you don't want the old page any longer, open Blue FTP (FTP Manager in Tools menu), login with CP username and password.

    Then find the old page on the server (righthand side pane) and delete it.
    Bless you

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    Default Re: double pages???

    thanks will try that...! "mesium" - oh - it's just a misspelling... "medium" is the right word...

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