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Thread: ready for submission?

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    Red face ready for submission?

    Hi there folks,
    I've done my site, checked and rechecked, done my site map, submitted to google (sit back and twiddle thumbs...)and now I've signed up with vodahits; so far so good. Just done the site ready check and got three fails. I've corrected two, quite simple ones, but this is the other and I haven't got a clue.
    It says that- the page uses javascript blocks. It says there is an easy work around, an example is as follows-
    <script language="JavaScript" src="yourscript.js></script>
    Then it says to place the javascript in the 'yourscript.js' file

    What the flippin' 'eck is that all about?
    Please would someone explain to me in idiot talk what to do, and how (exactly) to do it.
    I really thought that as I did the site with bluevoda site builder, it would be without these conflicts. Any ideas anyone?
    Thanks folks, I'm learning fast.

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    Just ignore that part...VodaHits is being over picky


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    Default phew!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by VodaHost
    Just ignore that part...VodaHits is being over picky
    phew, thanks for that!!!

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