My domain is

Please what is wrong with this searching script. the error message is:
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting 'searchproduct/index.php on line 23

//after connection

//specify how many result to display per page

//Get the search variable from URL
//trim whitespace from the stored variables
//seperate key-phrases into key words
$trimmed_array=explode(" ",$trimmed);

//check for an empty string and display a message.
$resultmsg="<p>Search Error</p><p>We dont seem to have asearch parameter!</p>";
//Build SQL Query for keyword entered
for each ($trimmed_array as $trimm){

//Specify table and field names for the SQL query
$query="SELECT * FROM Onitsha Product Directory WHERE Business Location LIKE\"%$TRIMM%\" OR Type of Location LIKE \"%$TRIMM%\" OR Type of Business LIKE\"%$TRIMM%\" OR Category of Business LIKE\"%$TRIMM%\" ORDER BY ID DESC";
//Execute the query to get number of rows that contain search keywords

//next determine if 's' has been passed to script, if not use 0.
//'s' is a variable that gets set as we navigate the search result pages.
if (empty($s)){

//now let's get the results.
$numresults=mysql_query($query)or die ("Couldn't execute query");

//store record id of every item that contains the keyword in the array we need to do this to avoid display of duplicate search result.
}//end foreach

if($row_num_link_main==0 &&$row_set_num==0){
$resultmsg="<p>search result for:". $trimmed. "</p><p>sorry,your search returned zero result</p>;
//delete duplicate records id's from the array. to do this we will use array_unique function
foreach ($tmparr as $v) {
//Let display the result. But first will will display the serch form on the top of the page

<form action="search.php" method="get" name="search">
<div align="center">
<input name="q" type="text" value=<?php echo $q; ?> "size="15">
<input name="search" type=" submit value="search">

//display what the person searched for
echo $resultmsg;
echo "Search result for: ".$var;

foreach($newarr as $value){

//specify table and field names for the SQL query
$query_value="SELECT *FROM Onitsha Product Directory WHERE ID='$value'";
$row_linkcat=mysql_fetch_array ($num_value);

//making keywords bold
$titlehigh=preg_replace("'($var)'si","<b>\\1</b>",$row_linkcat['Business Location']);
$linkhigh=preg_replace("'($var)'si","<b>\\1</b>",$row_linkcat['Type of Location']);
$linkdesc=preg_replace("'($var)'si","<b>\\1</b>",$row_linkcat['Business Location']);
$titlehigh=preg_replace("'($var)'si","<b>\\1</b>",$row_linkcat['Type of Business']);
$titlehigh=preg_replace("'($var)'si","<b>\\1</b>",$row_linkcat['Category of Business']);

foreach($trimmed_array as $trimm){
if($trimm !='b'){


//end highlight

<?php echo $titlehigh;?><br>
<?php echo $linkhigh;?><br>
<?php echo $linkhigh;?>

}//end for each $trimmed_array
if ($row_num_link_main>$limit){
//next we need to do the links to other search result pages
if ($s>1){//do not display previous link if 's' is'0'
echo "<div align='left'>a href='$PHP_SEL?s=$prevs&q=$var&catid'>Previous" .$limit. "</a></div>";

//check to see if last page
if(!($slimit>=$row_num_links_main)&& $row_num_links_main!=1) {
//not lat page so display next page
echo"<div align='right'><a href='$PHP_SELF?s=$var&catid'>next" .$limit. "</></div>";
} //end foreach $newarr