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    When I view my website with Firefox, my tabs do not extend all the way out. When I view it with IE 7, the picture and array is all messed up. On Opera everything is perfect. Why are there inconsistancies and how do I get my home page to comform to all browsers. It even shows up differently on IE7 on different computers.
    Thanks in advance,

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    not exactly sure what you mean by tabs?

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    You will need to tweak your website between both browsers, in the case of your menu, you will need to allow more space for expansion than you are currently allowing. You can preview each look right from your web builder by adding each of these browsers to your preview list ... be sure as well to use web friendly fonts.


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    Hi larthestar,

    Yr website looks great on my IE7.

    2 Tips for you:

    Maybe you can try to "center" your page by right-clicking on yr page in BV and select "Page properties". Click and check on the "center in browser".

    To look consistence for all visitors, maybe you willl like to consider using page sizes of 800 X 600.

    Have fun trying out different formats!
    Eric PSF
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    Hi Larry
    Lady Eye's comments are spot-on; the trick is to find a site design that looks good in the browsers most people use to view your site.
    For instance, ina the site I am building, I looked in control panel in awstats and about 60% of my visitors use IE7, and another 38% are using firefox. - so that tells me something about how I need to design.
    Also, you should consider reducing the width of your pages to somewhere between 800 and 1000. If you want to enable everybody to view without annoying side-scrolling, design to a width of 800. 1000 will stisfy probably 80%. Anywider than that and you are liable to lose visitors as they will find the side scrolling not only annoying, but making it difficult to see all you ahve to offer.

    Good Luck.

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