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    I contacted yahoo and they said that I would have to wait until my subscription expires. Im on a monthly payment plan and it is to expire nov/29/05. will that be an ok delay for transfer? or will I have to begin the transfer over again.

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    Hi Kassi,

    You do not have to wait for naything. Just tell them that you want to change your
    name servers. You are NOT transfering your domain name. If you are still having
    problems please open a support ticket and reference this thread.


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    Good Morning
    I have saved my main page as index thats the only word I use, and the others as accommodation,reservations,my_touroperators etc and I notice that it does not appear besides the way the file is saved as bvp
    is this the corect way or I have to save it with a domain name for examble
    I understand also that when I link a page to index, i will see it only when I publish it.The only sign I have is the highlight
    I like a lot the Vodahost,please let me know how can I procede further

    Best Regards

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    Default Re: still trying -

    • Your home page should be named index as you have done so.
    • Your home page is now this link
    • If you want to add a page, let’s say “clubs”. Create the new page & save as clubs the same as you did with your index, & publish.
    • To link to the club page from your home/index page, enter as your link. And so on for all other links.

    PS. I have a friend moving to Crete soon, what’s the broadband coverage like on the island?

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