Hi, i have noticed that a few new members are using the PIXresizer, but maybe not be its full potential. So just a few tips on how it works and the best ways to use it.

How it works?
PIXresizer works in two ways, in that it will reduce the DPI (Dots per inch) of an image and then if you wish reduce the physical size of the image. Both of these reductions will help dramatically on page loading times of your site.

What is DPI and why reduce this.

You would use an image with a high DPI for enlarging and printing photos, but not for web page use. As an example? If you loaded an image taken from camera or scanner, chances are, it will be anywhere from possibly 200DPI to 1200 DPI depending on the setting you have that device set at.
Now with this in mind, most screens/monitors at the present time will only show around the 90-100 DPI, so anything over this is a waste and wont improve on quality and slow your pages down. (A lot)
Some better quality results can be achieved with better software. But this you will have to purchase and 95% of the time, PIXresizer will do a real great job..

Using PIXresizer single image
When you open PIXresizer you will be presented with a list of controls. Here is how to use them.
Look at the top of the screen and you should be on the “Work with one file tab”.

1.Press the “Load picture” and choose an image from your computer.
2.The image will load on the right side of PIXresizer. Now in area 2 you should select what size you would like your new image to be in dimensions. The 100% will be your original size of image. If you would like a pop up large image from a smaller thumbnail, i would recommend some ware around the 600x400 for the large image and 120x90 for the thumbnail.
3.In the next section you can choose the format of the image. Tick the appropriate box. If its a .jpg image, Its at this point you can choose what DPI you want by clicking on the text
“Joint Photographic Experts Group” . A pop up menu will appear and this will be set to 90DPI, and is a good reduction to have. With smaller images like thumbnails you can bring this down lower to save a few extra KB's. But this part you will have to experiment with depending on how good your image was in the 1st place.
4.The area below this is for converting your image to black and white. Just check the box if this is required.
5.Now press “Save picture”. NOTE: At this point its a good idea to name your image to be SE friendly. Something with reference to the image and the page it is going on, but defiantly not what you are given by the PIXresizer software. IE: “name of image (600x400).jpg. You should name the image “a-real-good-search-name.jpg. To be SE friendlily and help visitors to find you.

Working with multiple images.
I would recommend creating 2 new folders for this part for a source and destination of your new images. Any images that you would like reduced should be copied to the source folder.

1.Click on the source button & open your folder with the images to be bulk reduced.
Then press ok. Now press the “Destination” button and choose the folder you made for these images.
2.In area 2 i would recommend not checking any of the check boxes and just use the sliding control to the desired width of the image. NOTE! This should always be set to a dimension smaller than your largest image and not larger than your smallest image to save distortion of images.
(Think i worded that correctly)lol.
3.Select the type of image in area 4.
4.Leave the boxes unchecked in area 5 as it tends to distort the image. Then press “Save Pictures” You will now see a whole folder of images being reduced.

Don't use the handles on the side of the larger images to make them smaller. (It will increase page loading times & make the image look crinkly)
Do rename your images correctly. (SE's will like and notice you)
Do have thumbnails with links to larger images. (For quicker loading pages)
Green note:
Do you know its also greener to have your web pages more efficient and lower in Kbs. If you can imagine that many of the major severs have chips running at kilowatts and air con units to match and; cool these down. If everyone optimise's there sites, these chips wouldn't have to work so hard. It would save a fortune on electric.
Link to PIXresizer download.
Other image tips on resizing.

Good luck..