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Thread: Shipping Questions - Help Appreciated!

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    Red face Shipping Questions - Help Appreciated!

    I hope this is the right thread to post this in. ^.^ If not I apologize!!

    I guess I should start out with some basic information first. I'm based out of the US. ^.^

    I've been trying to find additional charges for places international but I can't seem to find any. >.<

    Does anyone know additional shipping charges for the following places?

    Any other places that charge additional costs from shipping from the US?

    I just want to make sure I set up my cart 100% correctly and not get "jipped" out of money, hehe.

    Thanks in advance!!

    Mrs. Whitt
    The Chocolate Fanatic!

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    Default Re: Shipping Questions - Help Appreciated!

    Who are you using to ship the products? USPS? UPS? FedEx? Whoever you're using - you have to get the charges from them. It will vary depending on who you use and then how you ship - and the size of the boxes and the weight, etc.

    No way we can answer this for you - you need to go to the horse's mouth - in this case, the shippers - to get the correct info. Which is where you should be getting your initial shipping charges, also. (Oh, and shipping within the US will vary depending on where you are shipping to.)

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    Default Re: Shipping Questions - Help Appreciated!

    Yeah, for some reason I thought that it was a flat rate no matter what company I chose.

    That was just me being dumb. XD

    Apologies for asking such a silly question!!

    I figured out how to integrate USPS into my shopping cart so all of that is automatic now, thank goodness.

    Whats horrible with me is, I spend all this time looking for answers, and then dont find anything. Then, after I actually ASK someone, I end up finding the answer an hour later. It's happen three-four times now! Next time I'm just going to pretend I asked someone and then wait a whole day so I dont waste people's time!

    Anways. Thank you again for your help, and apologies!

    Mrs. Whitt.
    The Chocolate Fanatic!

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