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Thread: Found a blog traffic strategy - A Simple Widget

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    Default Found a blog traffic strategy - A Simple Widget

    Found a blog strategy by installing a simple widget.

    You add one widget to your blog to display headlines from relevant
    blogs and in exchange your headlines will be displayed on thousands
    of other blogs. Idea is so simple and yet it is already spreading
    like a wildfire.

    Go to A Simple Widget

    Once you have the code, simply go to Admin->Presentation->Widgets

    Add a new text widget and place your code there. Put widget on your
    sidebar and save changes.

    It's so simple it only took me 5 minutes to install and have it running.


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    Default Re: Found a blog traffic strategy - A Simple Widget

    Expect to start seeing some, if not all, of your posts disappearing - as I'm discovering that you are posting affiliate links everywhere. I have removed them from this post and another post - but will simply start deleting any other posts where I find them.

    If you question this - please read the forum guidelines.

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