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    Cool Ranking Question

    Hi everyone,

    I hope this is the place to put this question. I have a site that was created by a web designer a while a go not with BV. However the web guy is now stopped working!!

    I can create another similar site but if I forward to on BV will I lose the ranking of or will remain in the google rankings as is? The site does well on a few keywords and I do not wnat to lose that however I need to access and change the site.

    I hope that makes sense

    thanks for any advice


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    Default Re: Ranking Question

    Your site is very nice why do you want to rebuild it? You can just move the hosting to vodahost if you wish. You really want to keep the main domain as the and have the .com pointing to it as it will be easier to distinguish you as a UK site. You could lose that status a touch if you go with .com.

    That way you also keep your established ranking.
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    Default Re: Ranking Question

    I agree with Marincky. And if you feel you have to rebuild the site - do so offline, then just change the nameservers to point to the new one.

    It's a good idea to buy the .com - but you should simply redirect it to the .uk site.

    If you really, really feel the need to redo the site as the .com and you forward the .uk site, you will probably lose some of the ranking and traffic, even if you do it totally right and forward every single page to the right page on the new site.

    If you have good ranking in the UK - you may never build that up quite the same with the .com url.

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