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Thread: Downloading V7. and table bug

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    Smile Downloading V7. and table bug

    I have two problems.
    Try as I may I have never been able to download the new version of Blue Voda. I've just saved it to my computer again (3 times) in my existing BV Folder, rebooted (twice each time) but still nothing but the same setup file V6 point something. I've tried zipped and unzipped (I have broadbd). Any suggestions?

    Also when placing tables on my page - say with 6 rows - I can alter the height of every row except for the last one. If I try to drag that it picks up the entire table and not the bottom of the last row. I've circumvented this by adding another row, making my height changes and then deleting the last blank row. Any other way of doing this?

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    Default Re: Downloading V7. and table bug

    To resize the last column/row of a table without affecting the other rows hold down the Ctrl-key.
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