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Thread: Google Analytics, Beth Maybe??

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    Default Google Analytics, Beth Maybe??

    Would like to commmunicate with someone who understands the settings for conversions and so forth on Google Analytics. Seems like it could be very useful. I would like to be able to track individual pages etc. more closely. Understand more Bounce rate etc.

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    Default Re: Google Analytics, Beth Maybe??

    Unfortunately, I elected not to use Google Analytics - but use another service instead - as well as my cpanel stats.

    I'm sure someone using it them will pipe up soon.

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    Default Re: Google Analytics, Beth Maybe??

    Google Analytics is good. I've used it for several months. You can get daily reports, if you have the code on each page it gives good info. It does not give you complete info, non Goole searh engine stats don't show up and with awstats I don't see as many bounces as Analytics. If you use Adwords you can link the two together, be sure to use the same sign on on both. You can then follow the results of each keyword used in adwords and pause the ones that arn't performing.

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    Default Re: Google Analytics, Beth Maybe?? is a good stat counter for some basic info not found with google analytics. analytics does show me other search engines but not as frequently as other stat counters do.. so i use this one too.



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