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Thread: Votepro Installation instructions ?

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    Red face Votepro Installation instructions ?

    I have been to the address:

    many times and unsuccessfully tried to install votepro.

    I get as far as step 3 where it says to change attributes of file 'config.php' and i am lost. The file is empty. Please explain what is mean by the attribute of the file and how do I change it ?

    Please help me.

    Thank you kindly.

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    Default Re: Votepro Installation instructions ?

    Hi, changing the file attributes gives the file certain permissions. It might be this file needs permission to have things written to it for voting & this is what you are doing. You can change the file permission via your cpanel or via BV FTP Manager. With BV FTP, Connect to your server & find the file that is to have the permission changed. Right click on the file & select properties. You will now have to check the top 2 rows of boxes at the lower part of the popup to get the permission 666. (If 666 is what’s needed) When checked press ok. Should be all done

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    Default Re: Votepro Installation instructions ?

    Hi there just a quick question the scrip said change config.php? This is a file inside the votepro folder does this mean that i have to open the folder find this config.php and change it to 666? what about the entire folder permission? i am confused with config.php and permission.

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