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    when i want to offer a special for a period of time, do I have to change each item separately or is there a way I can change the price of all items, such as 15% off for Christmas period.
    I have about 500 items on my list. I have included the link for the site I am speaking about. Right now we have pay pal and need to change it because pay pal does not offer this option.

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    Frankly, your question(s) are always hard to follow, and have been answered hundreds of times before in these forums >> Try performing a "Forum Search" using key words to pull up the many different answers that may provide a solution in a manner more understandable to you instead of creating duplicate threads!

    Personally, I think osCommerce (although it has the functions you are looking for) is much bigger a beast to tame, and may prove too big for you to attempt using at this point without some professional help (based on all of your other questions and expressed understanding). It would mean starting over again completely. If you want some real professional eCommerce assistance, email the OmniSource Team (affordable and precise).

    The simplest option is to "upgrade" to PayPal Pro....
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    PS: Your online business was recorded in February of 2003, not "Since 1988" as you claim on your website.
    You need to either change this to reflect the truthfulness of your website or simply remove it.

    You may provide this information in your "About Us" section if you specifiy that your 'brick-and-mortar' business was founded in 1988, or something similar, but you mustn't deliberately state inaccuracies that serve only to confuse or mislead visitors to your website!

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