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Thread: Need help restoring pages

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    Default Need help restoring pages

    My old computer crashed and I lost all my pages stores in BlueVoda. Can you tell me how to download the web pages so I can work on them. I have tried numerous things but none have worked.

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    Default Re: Need help restoring pages

    I am still experiencing the same problems. It will not import the menu bar, the whole page and it is not the same format. I have also tried downloading it to my computer and it comes up black.

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    Default Re: Need help restoring pages

    here is what I did and it worked like a charm:
    download new version of BV
    FTP all your page files from the server to your hardware, including pictures - that way you will have the images in the same file as the server.
    Go to New Page
    Go to Import page from existing HTML
    Click on remote
    put in the exact url address for each page
    I would start with the home page and do each page separately
    (You have to remember to transfer all the data from the server with FTP)
    Then open the page in your buider to see the results - you should see exactly what it was before the crash and your hardware should have all the pictures where they belong
    hope this helps
    PS: if you need me to walk you through this contact me through my website

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