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Thread: upload files to web site

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    Default upload files to web site

    As a relative newbie to web building there are a few things I am unclear about. I am trying to get some pdf files on to my site. I have them in the file manager, but can go no further.
    thank you

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    Hello Brenda

    When you say you are trying to get some
    PDF files onto your site do you mean to make
    them available for download?

    If you want to make the PDF file a downloadable then
    you will need to set up a link to the file that is on
    your server.

    EG: If your file is called mybook.pdf and your
    domain name is then you will
    need a link on your site pointing to:

    When a visitor clicks this link they will be able
    to download your PDF to their computer.
    Hope this helps
    Newcastle Australia

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