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    Superdude Guest

    Question Googles Cached

    Hi all,

    Ive got a slight problem,in that there are a few cached pages that appear when a do a google search.
    These cached pages contain information that i wanted to be deleted, which i did - but they now appear as cached.
    I also used the Googles Webmaster tool to delete the cached page from my own website but its still Pending.

    Is there a way i can contact Google personally and explain the cached pages that need to be deleted.

    I wont go into detail - but its very important that these pages dont appear.

    Any suggestions?


    P.S Does google eventually delete all cached pages?

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    Default Re: Googles Cached

    Click the below....

    But they will not lift a finger to assist you.


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    Default Re: Googles Cached

    Quote Originally Posted by VodaHost View Post
    Click the below....

    But they will not lift a finger to assist you.
    I have to agree here with the above, you will be wasting your time contacting Google, however, two points.

    1) These pages will slowly disappear from Google if you have deleted them

    2) Have you actually just deleted them from your PC or have you gone onto your server and deleted them? This is very important or they will still get picked up on.
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    Default Re: Googles Cached

    Or did you update the pages with new information - and they are still showing the cached page? If this - give it time - when next they spider you, they'll get the updated page.

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    Superdude Guest

    Default Re: Googles Cached

    woah - a bit of a delayed reply

    Thanks guys 'n' girls for the help, its much appreciated.

    Well the problem with the cached pages isnt a problem anymore, despite them being still present, ill wait till they eventually disappear, even if that takes time.

    Thanks again

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