I have just built my first website for a colleague. I had built my pages and they were great so I published them. I redirected my domain name to my vodahost web hosting account and waited the 24 hours excited to see my website. After the 24 hour period I had a look at my site and to my horror there was a white page with a list of links on, this was the index page. I was a bit confused as to why the logs and images and everything else on my site was not visible. I then decided to go to the tutorials about naming pages..... I had made the big mistake of calling the index page 'home'. I had to rename all my pages (I used capital letters) which then in turn I had to update all my links. I watched the tutorials for these parts a couple of times and my website is now looking good and all the links work just fine. If you are a new user don't just rush straight in like I did. Watch the tutorials first--It will save you a lot of time!! Bluevoda is a great product and Voda Host provide a great service. Seriously use the service and support Voda Host provide!!