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Thread: pay pal and all major ccd's-please help.

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    Question pay pal and all major ccd's-please help.

    I have a couple of websites. and
    We have maintenance plans that we sell and I was wanting to find out how to add A feature that lets our clients pay online by payPal or any major credit cards. CAn some one please help me to get started with this.. thank you so much..

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    Default Re: pay pal and all major ccd's-please help.

    there are a ton of questions and answers regarding this subjec in the Paypal thread. Here is the link:
    To put up Pay pal is quite easy and read the threads there and then if you have any specific questions ask us. There is a whole procedure to follow and it would take some time to type this all out, especially since this has already been done.
    example of pay pal in use:

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