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Thread: Products Inventory, Site Back Office, Sales & Profit Margin?

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    Cool Products Inventory, Site Back Office, Sales & Profit Margin?

    I'm posting this again due to, I think I posted this last time in less relevant area. Cheers!
    Hi everyone!

    I'm looking to swing over from Stores Online (rip offs) to here but I'm not sure about if whether I have some sort of a back office to my site where I can look at my orders, products and profit margin's from every sale. Is there something where I can upload all my products to a products page using excel into my back office, including image, product name, description, sku, price and if I want sale price?

    Stores Online was very easy to use but not worth the massive annual hosting fee's and the over priced monthly costs. I wanna keep my site going but I've only got a month to pull my finger out and get it done! It's e commerce and what I mentioned above is what I'm not sure about.

    My site is Maybe you can have a look and tell me the best way to get on with this!

    Best Regards,
    Daniel - Goldy30

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    Default Re: Products Inventory, Site Back Office, Sales & Profit Margin?

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    Default Re: Products Inventory, Site Back Office, Sales & Profit Margin?

    Hi Daniel,

    VH is NOT a store builder like SOL is. VH is a hosting company- where you can choose to use many different ways to build your site.

    I suggest you do some reading on the SOL forum - where we go into detail on this - and do some deciding HOW you want to build - as you have lots and lots of options here - in different ways. But you have to find the one that works for you.

    We'll be able to answer some of the cart questions you have better on the other forum :)

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