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    hi all!
    i've published my first ever website two nights ago and need some people to take a look at it please. my links all seem to work, contact form passes on the test mails i've sent to myself. however, having worked on it for quite a while (months!) i just might not see some mistakes i've made (total newbie!). so i'd be thankful for any comments or suggestions on what i have to improve! also, whats your overall impression (design, navigation...)?
    noticed a few differences in how IE and FF display certain pages (images), think i've fixed most problems?
    my biggest concern is that the pages load extremely on my computer. then again, living in thailand, my internet connection is just 100 kbps or so anyway and all sites load slowly on my computer? how do the pages load with faster connections than mine?
    thanks for whatever advice anyone out there has! cheers,

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    It is a well done web site. You certainly did a better job on your first shot than I did. It is a huge about of information. It seems to be everything I'd want to know about that resort area. Your images are small; which is definitely good, that was one of my biggest mistakes.


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    I like your site..looks really good and you still have room for more ads or banners on the sides..great Job..loads fine here

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