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Thread: HELP! Transfering CRM database

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    Default HELP! Transfering CRM database

    Hi there,

    I'm really new at this, and don't have a great technical backgroud, but the thing is:

    I had to change my DNS to vodahost from my old hosting company, on that domain I also had my CRM linked to it.

    What I think I have to do is create a database in CPanel of Vodahost, and then from my old hosting company, export the information from that database to a file, which then I upload in the myPHPadmin on the Voda side.
    My doubt is ... while exporting is it considered only a copy, or will I lose the info on the other side?

    And second... how do I link the crm again to the domain (so that I can access it this way ...ex. ?

    I'm not sure if this is clear, but if anyone could help, that would be great.

    thanks ...

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    Lightbulb Re: HELP! Transfering CRM database

    1) COPY your original CRM/DB files down to your own hard drive (for safe keeping and ultimate access)

    2) Using your FILE MANAGER utility in your VodaHost Control Panel, UPLOAD (FTP) your copied files into the DB as properly created

    3) By copying, or uploading files from your HD, you are preserving them on your HD as a perfect archive..they are not physically (or wholly) 'transferred' ..... only "re-created" faithfully

    By using this method of Archiving your files to your HD, you prevent any lapse in former hosting which would wipe them from the old servers, as well as have direct management with the capable FTP utility available in your VodaHost control panel via the File Manager.....the preferred, secure means to transfer, manipulate, move and copy important files.
    Do not confuse "File Manager" (FTP) with "Blue Voda FTP," which is not capable of dealing with larger files whatsoever, and will not guarantee accuracy in transfer....

    Follow the instructions for original installation of your CRM foundation: keep in mind that you also have a selection of the more popular scripts available to automatically install and configure themselves in your account via the Fantastico! icon at the bottom of the Control Panel page (inlcuidng Joomla, phpNuke, etc.).
    >> This may be the critical first step, being to install the script before you "skin it" with your format/template and configuration........

    If you have real problems, VodaHost will install your CRM script and files for a nominal fee of $30 if you submit your request as a Support Ticket (which should include all the details, in a simplfied list --- bullet list).

    And.....if you think differently, you can always list your "job" at where you will find script spe******ts and CRM freelancers completely familiar with all the foundations, not just Joomla....

    ....and on we go!
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    Default Re: HELP! Transfering CRM database

    Thanks for the help.

    The only doubt I have now is if when you say COPY ... the only option I have is EXPORT. If I EXPORT the files, is that the same as copying them?

    sorry for the ignorance ... :(

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