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Thread: Paypal shopping cart shipping issue

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    Default Paypal shopping cart shipping issue

    I need help with the Paypal shopping cart as i can only adjust the shipping due to dollar amount. I need to have the customer fill out the cart then request a total. So then i can add shipping cost and let them aprove the invoice so to speek. The i would just wait for them to make the Paypal payment. Now i have spent alot of time trying to figure this out with Paypal but it doesnt look like it will happen.
    So is there a different shopping cart out there that will do what i want it to do and then payable through Paypal?
    I have looked at the shopping car list that Paypal has and its a mile long. So if some one knows of a shoping cart that can work like this please let me know.

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    Default Re: Paypal shopping cart shipping issue

    Take a look at Mal's Ecommerce or CartManager - both will do what you want - and both you can use through paypal.

    Mal's has a free verison, CM does not.

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