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Thread: site on Google but not on Ireland Google.

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    Default site on Google but not on Ireland Google.

    can someone point me in the correct direction as to how to get my site
    on the Irish Google Search Engine. It appears on the general one but when i look in irish pages only, it's not there at all.
    thanx DJ Santiago

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    Default Re: site on Google but not on Ireland Google.

    Hi, not sure why the SE's would relate the site to Ireland? There is nothing on the site that relates to it apart from WEXFORD, & there are more of these around the world. Any key words you have put in are not on the pages so will quite lightly be ignored by many SE,s.
    You need to get a lot more text on the pages that will relate to where you are & what you are selling. Would be worth a read of Beth's book (Forum member) on SE's as a good start.

    Good luck.

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