I just wanted to express thanks and to tout the effectiveness of the information that I have received through the Vodahost web hosting Community Forum. Step by step and question by question I have been able to not only put together a good site and also run it up to the number one site on google in the catagory for my site, which is, "artistic, architectural, and forged metals." It is not only by asking questions, but by also skimming through the Forum and picking up on issues that may relate to me. I think it was "Sticky" that posted a response to a questions stating that the best way to post keywords into the title of the page was to hyphenate between words. It worked great. I started out finding parts of my site 69 pages of sites into google. Making a few changes it went to the 23rd page and if you put in the four words mentioned above, as of yesterday, boom! There it is number one. I'm ecstatic. This site is awesome. Now I just have to refine my site. It is getting there, but now there is more motivation than ever to make it shine.