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Thread: Looking for Help with Shopping Cart Selection!

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    Default Looking for Help with Shopping Cart Selection!

    Hi everyone.

    I was hoping someone could send me some sound advice.

    I am looking for a shopping cart program that will generate html for me on my products (including image) so I can manually insert the items onto my webpages.

    Any suggestions for a good program/company to use.

    I am currently setup through Secure Pay using the Easy Shop function but to tell you the truth I am not thrilled with the quality of the program.

    Thank you for your assistance!


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    Cool Re: Looking for Help with Shopping Cart Selection!

    Sounds like a novel idea, but am pretty sure that's all you will discover it to be: 99% of all the cart titles require hard-data input of images and item attributes to process, and converting them to code is not only illogical but an impractical redundancy for any useful "system" to implement.

    VodaHost features and provides free access to osCommerce, ZEN, Cube, phpCOIN, and even Soholaunch --- all Premium eCommerce solutions renowned for robustness and capability, and which are compaitble with nearly all payment processing systems. Have you dutifully explored any of these to rule them out as solutions for your unique requirements?
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