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Thread: content not being displayed. help!!!

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    Default content not being displayed. help!!!

    I've just come back off holiday to find my soholaunch pages are not showing

    all my pages and products are there still when i login but the pages and items are not displayed.

    I'm in need to resolve this as i'm losing sales and need to know what has caused this and how to rectify

    I've been told - "I noticed you have over 2 gigabytes worth of backups? Are you over your disk quota? If so, this would cause the pages not to be written, as it appears your content is still intact just not loading."

    but not told how to put this right also i'm pretty clueless which is why I use it as it's simple for me!

    I would really appreciate any help

    thanks in advance

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    Default Re: content not being displayed. help!!!


    Well, you need to store those backups somewhere OTHER than the server. Like download them and save them to a disc or something, flash drive etc. If the server fails for whatever reason those backups will be NO GOOD anyway.

    Soho also needs to have the stats cleared, depending on your traffic about every 3 months, sometimes more often.. go to your database, system files and look for the 5 or 6 tables that begin with STATS_, by hour, by day, page etc.. and download those and then clear the table.

    Without access to your cpanel, I cant give you any better advice than this, but, put in a support ticket if these dont fix your issues. You might have some script with in soho stuck and running an endless loop sucking up your bandwidth, or some other thing installed doing the same. Obviously this isnt the ONLY thing you have on this account.. so.. without access, nobody can really TELL you.

    You also have a customized template, that may not be working correctly, and this has caused the failure as well.



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