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Thread: Misspelled Search Term Causing Frustration

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    Default Misspelled Search Term Causing Frustration

    I am hoping someone can help me!

    My main search term is "handcrafted jewelry" When I search for handcrafted jewelry in google I can not find my site ranked anywhere, in Yahoo I find myself on page 20. When I search with "handcrafted jewelr" I find my site on page 11 in google. Someone has suggested to me that perhaps someone is linking to me with misspelled alt text, Is this possible? If this is what is happening is there a method that I can use to find out where the link is coming from? Is there anything that I can do about correcting this spelling error as far as google searchs. I cannot see any spelling mistakes on my index page, not sure if I am just overlooking something that is obvious. I have been trying for weeks now to figure this out and I just am totally frustrated.

    My site is

    Thank you
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    Default Re: Misspelled Search Term Causing Frustration not sweat about is the KEY words and how you rate that are important, as it is a direct corelation to the traffic you get based on how the SE's value cached site relevance to consumer request trends (which change weekly).

    KW for you include: Gems, (which has last been bid $4.27 each click, or which needs to score 17% natural Content relevance); gemstone jewelry, (which is now over-sold and relies on content vs. relevance: how many items in a cart or how many pages of supporting content that is unique in ratio to simple item descriptions); gem set jewelry, precious gems, fine gem jewelry, (all of which are used in various means and sufficiently is confusing to the SE's which thus will allow newcomers to provide a wider plane of relevance as they determine the quotient to create a baseline).

    A lot of technobabble, but worth $300 a month if you're serious about maintaining position every 4 weeks....and that was only 40% of a good KW list, not to mention Titles, Descriptions, and H-Meta/Content planning!
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