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Thread: targeting a link to a specific page

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    Smile targeting a link to a specific page


    I have a page with 2 inline frame. Left one is for menu buttons and right one is blank.

    All I want, when I press a button from the menu in left iframe, let the target page opens/refresh in right iframe in same page.

    Can I do this and if yes how?

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    Default Re: targeting a link to a specific page

    You will need to make sure you name your frames using the name attribute. Something like name="leftframe" and name="rightframe" so that they can be identified. Then in your link in the left frame set target="rightframe" something like <a href="somelink" target="rightframe">Link Text</a>

    I don't use Blue Voda so this is the HTML that would need to be used. From what I've seen though you should still be able to set this if you are using BV.

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