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Thread: COD? Instead of Pay Pal, etc.

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    Default COD? Instead of Pay Pal, etc.

    Having just stumbled upon a major battle of minds over how-or-how-not-to do Pay Pal and/or Merchant whatchemacallits, may I ask our Highly Esteemed military leaders: for those who plan to offer opportunity to garnish payment for their scarce product (for fun), would a simple, old fashined C.O.D method work?


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    Default Re: COD? Instead of Pay Pal, etc.

    Hi, if you are meaning whether or not you wanted to simply use cod as your payment plan, it will make your delivery of the product take that much longer, you are kind of limiting your options for payment of your product, .. why not use paypal, it's free, doesn't cost anything unless you make a sale and well if you do I am sure you won't mind paying .. LOL
    You'll find paypal is easy to set up as well without another worry of anything else needed.


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    Default Re: COD? Instead of Pay Pal, etc.

    Vodahost allows you to send a check in the mail if you don't want to use online payments

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    Default Re: COD? Instead of Pay Pal, etc.

    COD is fine but there is still a surcharge for that plus it is sssslllloooowwww, PayPal has very reasonable rates and it opens up your items and such to a higher potential of sales, offering multiple CC options as well as e-cheques. i love and use it 24/7 for years now.


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