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Thread: What is best CMS to use?

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    Default What is best CMS to use?

    I found a website that listed a lot of free CMS's. I was just wondering for those of you who have played around with a few which one is the best? I have installed Joomla and played with it a bit, but I don't know if there is something better or not. Any suggestions or thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks

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    Lightbulb Re: What is best CMS to use?

    Joomla has a steeper learning curve than mambo, but mambo is migrating out of the Open Source arena and into privatization after an upgrade effort. So, since it was seemingly easier to "do" quicker, more people opted for it over Joomla, even though Joomla offered more functionalities and integrated features.

    phpNuke is also pretty widespread, but again, features vs. banging your head on the wall.

    Personally? I like the fact Joomla has 20x the add-on's in the collection (can do more, installs easier, and is always 'configurable' to personal fancy) and the fact the Community is much more vibrant, responsive, and supportive. I had to rely on freelancers at first (I am admittedly impatient to get things I can understand but not "do" entirely myself to run fast from the get-go), but now even my clients are amazed at how powerful it is and how easily they can themselves maintain it ... providing it was set up properly from the beginning! LOL!

    If you'd like to peek at a couple of Joomla samples in my portfolio, you'll find them here in the "Overview" section .... you can probably tell the difference between an eCommerce, BV, Flash, and CMS (Joomla). I hoped to illustrate a variety of site "types" to demonstrate it's appeal across the board.
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    Default Re: What is best CMS to use?

    Im still finding my way around the ones Vodahost offers in the C-panel. So many choices.

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