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Thread: Light Box with Mozilla Firefox

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    Default Light Box with Mozilla Firefox

    When using Firefox - The images when clicked on does not cover the images in the back ground. But, When using Internet Explorer it works perfect....:(

    I wonder if all my visitors are seeing the same thing that I am?

    Please help...

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    Default Re: Light Box with Mozilla Firefox

    Sorry! but havnt got an answer for this one, but only to say that if you wish to use this style of image display with this amount of images, i would say use another type of light box. I got just what you described with also the light boxes back ground not covering the full page.
    Your page also took about 50secs to load on the 1st visit, so might be another good reason not to use this for this particular project.

    Good luck.

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    Default Re: Light Box with Mozilla Firefox

    I have notice that some pages work and others don't. If I recall I was informed that coping an button icon (link) makes the button not work correctly, each button has to be recreated. I don't recall if cloning did the same thing but reinstalling worked. I am going to reload all graphics in new box and try it again, I wonder if that would be the reason....?

    I need to set-up an e-commerce program big time i think that would make life a lot easier.

    Thank you very much for your response, I'm going to checkout other light boxes too. any ideas?

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