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Thread: Does anybody know if i can do this?

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    Default Does anybody know if i can do this?

    I would like to know if i can create in BV a regular page with images and links menu and background colors... basically, all to have a page that i can always use as a base so if i change something on it, it will change in all the other pages.

    i know this is called CSS, but since i dont know anything about it, i thought i can create a base page and save it as ".css" or ".js" and use it as an external style sheet.

    now the problem here is that i dont know the code i have to use within the pages to "call" to this "base style sheet".


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    Default Re: Does anybody know if i can do this?

    Hi Buddy

    You may use template, so that jus change one time and use it in all pages. OR try this LINK of php that might help you. Hope you will figure out the way.

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