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Thread: domain lookup script installation in BV

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    Post domain lookup script installation in BV

    Hi I have this script for looking up the availability of domain names and I need help in installing into a BV page.

    The script is as follows.....

    GotothisURL = "http://www." & request.form("domain")
    ' Create the xml object
    Set GetConnection = CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP")
    ' Conect to specified URL
    GetConnection.Open "get", GotothisURL, False
    on error resume next
    ' ResponsePage is the response, then print it out to the page
    ResponsePage = GetConnection.getResponseHeader("Date")
    ' Write response
    if ResponsePage="" then
    Response.write("This domain is available")
    Response.write("This domain name is taken")
    end if
    Set GetConnection = Nothing
    <form method=post action=<% =request.servervariables("URL") %>>
    <input type=text name=domain size=15 value="">
    <input type=submit value="Find domain name">
    <% end if %>

    Thank you.

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    Arrow Re: domain lookup script installation in BV

    Simply install it as you would any other HTML script (using an HTML "box").

    You will note, however, that the URL that is specified in this API script (shown above abbreviated to mask the API Provider) is keyed to a specific hosted page/URL that is maintained for the registered User, so if you are trying to bootleg this script it will not function ..... it is keyed directly to the "subscribed" domain+URL for which the account was created.
    Additionally, full installation instructions accompany these scripts from the Provider themselves, and are the proper resources from which to seek Support.... (unless, of course, it is being bootlegged!).
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    Default Re: domain lookup script installation in BV

    Hi Vassilie,

    Thank you for your reply.

    I have foind and installed a better script.

    Thanks again.

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