Whether building a website yourself is by necessity or a choice, BlueVoda and VodaHost web hosting will solidly assist and support you to make both a reality.

This is complicated stuff behind the scenes. It looks easy as you browse the web but it is complicated. Millions of people doing millions of things with millions of things that do millions of things.

BV and VH have done a spectacular job of making it as easy as possible to do for millions of people.

Now that I have successfully built and published a website that I am proud of, using BV and VH, I cannot imagine using another builder or hosting service.

While there is a learning curve in everything that is do-it-yourself, BV and VH have made this possible for me. My appreciation grows daily. I think about it now and cannot fathom the thousands of hours of thinking and design that went into this user friendly site building software and it's integration with VH.

Realistically, it can be frustrating at times, ( like learning to tie your ***** at age 2 ) but VH has proven to me they have the technical expertise and experience needed to run a successful web building and hosting company that serves millions of clients. VH somehow makes it look easy. I highly recommend this company.

BV is simply the best, easiest to learn, most intuitive program I have ever tried for building a basic, functioning, credible, profitable, web page. If you are familiar with any M/S program you will feel at home with BV. Everything is there including video tutorials.

Plus, the help and encouragement is there to go beyond basic page and site building to website development as a business if that interests you.

This help would be the community support forum, which by the way is a called a community for a reason.

I am grateful and inspired every time I go to the community forum and see someone with more experience help, conjole, chastise or laugh with a newbie who wants to be "given" the answer instead of learning. And believe me I have recieved all the above. I didn't always get the easy answer I wanted, but I learned to build a web page properly. How many people can say that ? Now I have the satisfaction of actually having built a website I am pleased with and proud of.

I appreciate the expertise and experience of the community members who give their time freely. They have inspired me to give back by paying forward. So when you come to the support forum I will be there to help.

Am I always satisfied ? No.
Am I 99% satisfied most of the time ? Yes !

Bottom line, go and check out the website that I built. The link is at the bottom of this page. Every website has an intent. The people I built this for were amazed how professional it turned out and how it expresses their wishes in design, content and user friendliness. We've got some more work to do to get it into search engines and with email capability and a store but I know now we can do it ! The possibilities continue with BV and VH.

There's a free mp3 download when you find it and good music to listen to as well.

I couldn't have done it without BV, VH and the support community.

My thanks to everyone !