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Thread: Question about Payment Providers

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    Default Question about Payment Providers

    I am considering changing my hosting to Voda, but would like to know the following before I make the final decision.

    1) Can Propay be integrated with any of the existing e-Commerce carts (OsCommerce, Zen or Cube Cart) that are listed in the eCommerce Features section.

    My initial research is indicating that I would need a a SSL certificate and then manually process the credit card information. For each of those shopping carts, but I would really like some further confirmation.

    2) In the Features list under eCommerce Features it lists a "Free Merchant Account" can someone elaborate on this feature more and give some details?

    3) The Features list says that Cube Cart is included. Is this a "free" trial version or a full license. Can the copywright code be removed and which version of Cube Cart is available?

    Thank you in advance!

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    Default Re: Question about Payment Providers

    Propay.. ie PAYPAL PRO is this what you mean? Or the English version of it? Youd have to contact the individual cart makers for this information. If you take ONSITE payments then yes you will need a dedicated ip and SSL.. which means you will need an account for each store.. or.. buy the wmh hosting package.

    Cube Cart is the full version. you have to pay to take their logos off. Thats how they do it on a server wide basis.. im sure the latest cube cart is available.



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    Exclamation Re: Question about Payment Providers

    ProPay is a pre-paid and/or distributable MasterCard solution that is specifically set up as a "Commissions" solution for Direct Sellers, Network Marketers, and MLM's, and although they have a "Corporate Solution" they do not have any such Gateway or Official Merchant Account status to offer your to interface with any online eCommerce configuration --- they basically act as proxy Merchant processors. Every online foundation requires a real Gateway (and a secured environment) to process transactions according to law.

    If you had a bona fide Merchant Account either through your Business Bank or even through PayPal, they would be the ones to specify which Gateway they prefer, and then you could go to each Cart's home page to verify whether or not they partner with the particular Gateway technology you would then be required to use.

    If you do not wish to establish a business account, a Merchant Account, or even a PayPal Pro account, you can still accomplish affordable and efficient processing with a 3rd party processor such as ePayments or C h r o n o Pay --- some of the more credible providers out there, and that is the crucial aspect you need to be looking for: credibility and assurance of security with full compliance.

    The answers are out there and easy to find if you know how to look for them!
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