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Thread: installed os commerce, what next?

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    Default installed os commerce, what next?

    Hey guys,

    Iīm being a bit thick i think, but...

    Iīve installed os commerce, and am onto the next tutorial about configuiring your store.. But I canīt find my store!!! Where is it?

    Iīve looked all over the blue voda control panel, and the os commerce site but canīt seem to find where to go next...

    I know I must be missing something really basic here, but any help would be much appreciated...



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    Default Re: installed os commerce, what next?

    Did you install it via fantastico? If so you should have been given URL's by the system at the point of the install being complete.

    If you don't have these, check in file manager and look in public_html. The install should i think have given you the option to name your store if so look for a folder named this.

    Once you have found the folder you can access via any browser, for example if you named the folder 'mystore' you would access it by typing http://www.mydomainname/mystore/ into your browser obviously changing the domain name to yours and 'mystore' to whatever you named the store.

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    Default Re: installed os commerce, what next?

    Thanks so much mook,

    I did find the link from welcome emails sent from oscommerce, and also tried typing in the url which worked too, but:

    Hereīs the next problem... It takes me to the front end of my store, as if i was a customer... Canīt seem to work out how to access the back end and get to the 'configure your store' page mentioned in the blue voda tutorial.

    Any help would be gratefully received,

    Many thanks,


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    Lightbulb Re: installed os commerce, what next?

    Whenever you install anything via Fantastico! remember to always email yourself a copy of "Instance of Installation" which has all your links, Passwords, User Names, etc. Print out a couple copies and file them different places, and until you become familiar with things, don't delete the email!

    To get to your osCommerce Admin Panel Login, use the structured link >
    1. www ... (if you installed it on your Primary public_html/ directory)
    2. www ... (if you installed it on an Add-on domain)
    3. www ... (if you installed it on a sub-domain)
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    Default Re: installed os commerce, what next?

    Hi there I just install oscommesce throu fantastico My problem is I can not get this video to work my web y-not soaps and more
    Please Help
    Video: Uploading and inserting products into OSCommerce

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