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Thread: What is CMS?

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    Question What is CMS?

    I was wondring what a content management system is.
    I am in the proces of designing a advertising website and it would need lots of updating. eg, new adverts & new content.

    Would a CMS benefit me.
    What exactly do they do and how do I use them?

    Thanks for any advice

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    CMS stands for Content Managment System, a superior manner in which to organize, categorize, present, and display information that makes as much sense to a computer as it does to a visitor online. Most CMS utilities are suitable as "web builders" in their own right, since they auto-create many of the same core features and 'builds' that other conventional tools do, only a CMS depends on a "unified foundation" to provide the inner structure upon which you can sort, align, and place your information 'modules.'

    Think of CMS as being a kitchen table, and the "modules" (of information) being the 3-ring binders you arrange on the table.

    This is the basic logic of CMS, and helps to keep the whole thing simple to use and awesome to create webs with, beacuse all of the powerful technology is designed to be "plug-in" as desired: no real coding or technical mumbo-jumbo to master!

    For the type site you mention above, I suggest you look into Joomla and how it might meet your needs. Joomla can be installed to your VodaHost account with just two clicks of your mouse as a Fantastico! featured installation, so it is a breeze to work with from the very beginning!

    Good Luck!
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    Default Re: What is CMS?

    Vasili was really good in shedding you light about CMS solutions. If you are site is content based, CMS based website design makes sense like blogs, news, forums. If you need to give member privileges to access differnt content, CMS is good.

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