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Thread: PayPal add to cart button

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    Default PayPal add to cart button

    hey there!

    I was able to make paypal buttons in a test page using paypal sandbox. well i had it working but would like to know if there is a way to link this:

    paypal button order "add to cart" ----->link to -----> 2nd order without having shipment fee being accumulated or doubled and just add an additional fee charge


    Item x 1 pc $4.62
    Item y 1 pc $4.94
    subtotal: $9.56
    shipment & handling: $91.32

    lets say my shipment and handling fee per item is $45.66.

    Is there a way to just put an extra $4 for every additional items and not bill the buyer an additional $45.66 every time he/she clicks that add to cart button? or is there any paypal button with this feature i can download from blue voda?

    this is my test site


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    Default Re: PayPal add to cart button

    got this one solved. had to use html for the cart handling problem. thanks

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